Frank Sanazi T-Shirt

Only available in black.

Medium (38-40″)
Large (40-44″)
X-Large (44-48″) SOLD OUT


Putting on the Blitz – CD

Featuring the songs of Frank Sanazi

  • New York New York
  • Zieg Heil With Me
  • Big Bad Donald Trump (Live)
  • Jack Boots
  • You Make Me Feel German
  • You’ve Got Me Under Berlin
  • and Bonus Track ‘History Repeating’


Songs for Singing Leaders – CD

Featuring the songs of Frank Sanazi & The Iraq Pack:

  • Third Reich
  • Strangers on my Flight
  • Saddami in a Camp
  • Big Bad Chairman Mao
  • The Guy from Al-Quaeda
  • Gestapo


Meinway on a Steinway – CD

Featuring the songs:

  • Feeling Guten
  • Strangers on my Flight
  • Third Reich
  • Big Bad Chairman Mao
  • Bloody Day
  • Mein Way