Frank Sanazi CDs re-released

Take a bit of Frank away with you.

Due to popular demand, we have revised Frank Sanazi’s two albums; “Meinway on a Steinway” and “Songs for Swinging Leaders” and re-released them, so now you can take Frank everywhere with you.

Songs for Swinging Leaders

Comedian Frank Sanazi on cover of Songs for Swinging Leaders CD

Featuring hits songs from Frank Sanazi & The Iraq Pack

• Third Reich
• Strangers on my Flight
• Saddami in a Camp
• Big Bad Chairman Mao
• The Guy from Al-Quaeda
• Gestapo

Meinway on a Steinway

Comedian Frank Sanazi on cover of Meinway on a Steinway CD

Featuring hits songs of Frank Sanazi

• Feeling Guten
• New York, New York
• Third Reich
• You Make Me Feel German
• Bloody Day
• Mein Way

Both albums are available via Frank’s online shop.

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