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Frank Sanazi ze Ubermeister of Lounge, and Leader of The Iraq Pack, orders you to enter his World of Extreme Cabaret. Listen to Swing Classics twisted into an unbelievable dark mix of Weimar and Uneasy Listening together with his Blitzreig of Comedy means you will certainly feel under attack.

Frank Iraq Pack

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5 days ago
I am Sehr Gut around the cast Flat in Edinburgh zis year ..Cyanide Tea anyvun ? https://t.co/4CVWNvkwdZ
6 days ago
I Zink I may have posted zis before, but to all ze comedians who had ein bad day today at ze Edinburgh Fringe here is an uplifting little ditty to blow ze Blues avay https://t.co/Ek7JRpW4aZ
1 week ago
Vots going on mein Gute buddy Spliff Richard vos attacked on stage tonight by ein drunken Cliff Richard fan fortunately I vos on hand to bring A new world order to proceedings ..scary #edinburghfringe #violenceisnotthesnswer
1 week ago
Fringe Joke - Frank Sanazi

I asked Kool and The Gang who their favourite search engine is apparently it’s ‘Yahoo’
"Comedy Gold" Evening Standard

“It’s all brilliantly stupid, fantastically wrong and ridiculously funny” **** The Scotsman

“A truly funny Fuhrer” The Stage

"He will leave you in stitches. The Jokes are relentless’" Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

"It’s a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure uber alles" Chortle

"A blitzkrieg attack on taste and decency, Das Vegas Night 3 was a delight." The Edinburgh Reporter

"A very entertaining if UN-PC show and I loved it" ***** Black Diamond (107.8FM)  
Sanazi & Stalin are Putting on the Blitz, Edinburgh Festival 2018

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