Singer, comedian, entertainer, Ubermeister of Lounge, and a Hackney Empire's New Act of the Year ...runner-up; but hey! He may not be a real nazi but he'll still give you one helluva gas!

Frank Sanazi

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Tel: 020 8650 0411
Mob: 07956 316881


The songs that play on this page are taken from Frank's first two albums:
'Mein Way on a Steinway' and 'Songs for Swingin' Leaders'


"Brilliantly stupid, fantastically wrong and ridiculously funny" ****
The Scotsman
"You were absolutely fantastic, had everyone laughing from start to finish"
The Streatham Comedy Club
"5 big stars to Frank Sanazi's Das Vegas *****"
Black Diamond FM
"Itís a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure uber alles."
"We promise you'll never, ever have seen anything quite like it. Resistance is futile!"
Roar with Laughter Comedy Club
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  • 5th JUL (Sat)

    Private Party

  • 12th JUL (Sat)

    Ted Fest London

    The London Irish Centre
    Camden Square, London

    Tickets: £30

  • 20th JUL (Sun)

    Private Party

  • 26th JUL (Sat)

    Private Party

  • 1st -10th AUGUST

    Frank Sanazi's
    Das Vegas Night III
    - Zis Time it's Serious!
    Voodoo Rooms

  • 10th OCT (Fri)

    TFi Standups

    The Royal Comedy Lounge
    The Royal Hotel, Scunthorpe DN15 7DE

    Further details to come

  • 22nd NOV (Sat)

    Private Party

  • Past Conquests
    Previous venues played >>

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