Who is zis Frank Sanazi?

Frank Sanazi - comedy croonerFrank Sanazi ‘Ze Ubermeister of Lounge’ brings a New Order and discipline to the usually more relaxed swing scene.

As the name suggests Sanazi is an unnerving comedic mix of the singing legend Frank Sinatra and the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler, poking fun at history’s most famous German dictator through a mixture of puns, slapstick, and musical numbers.

He is a mockery of dictatorship and Nazism, a powerful satire ridiculing the extreme Right.

Frank reworks The Rat Packs classics with his own extreme renditions, which he calls “Uneasy listening”.  These hilarious numbers include such hits as “Third Reich”, “Strangers on my Flight” and “Zieg Heil with Me.”

Rest assured, Frank is not a Hitler tribute act!  His material is in the spirit of The Producers and The Great Dictator, continuing a tradition of ridiculing the Nazis pioneered by Jewish comedians like Mel Brooks, and continued by Sacha Baron Cohen.

“Initially shocking, this is actually a highly clever satire of the far right” Galway Advertiser

Frank is also the leader of The Iraq Pack, a group of infamous crooners comprising of Dean Stalin, Saddami Davis Jnr and Osama Bing Crosby, or as NATO calls them “The 4 singers of the Apocalypse”.  His adoring daughter, Nancy Sanazi, and ever faithful partner, Diva Braun, also make regular appearances on his shows.

Frank has performed all around the world, from Australia and Switzerland to Israel,  including an emotional return visit and performances in Austria and Berlin.   A firm favourite at festivals, Frank performs regularly at Glastonbury and Bestival, as well as the Fringe festivals in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Galway (Ireland), and Brighton where his shows have been highly acclaimed by the press.

Frank has 2 albums available: “Meinway on a Steinway” and “Songs for Swinging Leaders” which have all been enthusiastically received by his adoring fans (however his “White Christmas” album hasn’t sold as well)