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"You're voice is amazing I love the song at the beginning I wish It was on Spotify so I could play it over and over"
Comedian Frank Sanazi pointing
Ben Ryder
via YouTube
"Keep doing what you’re doing Frank. You’re terrific"
comedian Frank Sanazi looking direct at camera
J. Bond
Via YouTube
"One of ze finest comedy acts... you hast stolen mein heart"
Comedian Frank Sanazi pointing
via YouTube
"Saw Frank last night at Newcastle and he was brilliant! Timing a bit ironic of course as the right wing dictators of UK and USA prepare to meet, history repeating...?"
Comedian Frank Sanazi pointing
John Dias
"I enjoy close to the mark comedy however yours was distasteful, uncomfortable and ruined our evening"
W. Russell
"Frank Si Nazi I thought was in very poor taste. The 'humour' was based only on ridicule of others, not himself and the starting point of a sinatra / hitler combo character was not enough to carry such sensitive language and references."
"We had a long car journey and played your tunes via your website to amuse the passengers. Hysterical."
Comedian Frank Sanazi pointing
Peter Martin
"I work at Glastonbury and always make a point of seeing Frank Sanazi, cant say I have seen many people offended, why live a life in a comfort zone?"
Comedian Frank Sanazi pointing
"Is this a JOKE?! Then it's not funny"
"I've seen you live and I just don't think its funny. I am a huge fan of The Producers (the original and remake), I like Family Guy (though sometimes cringe a bit) but I just do NOT think that this is amusing"
Moliva Bolivia
"Pure brilliance Frank and Saddami! Have you got any plans for a European tour starting in Poland?"
Comedian Frank Sanazi pointing


  1. Hilarious! The best way to take down a dictator-cult-figure-megalomaniac is to reduce him (or her) with ribald ridicule. They hate it, and therefore we love it! Kick zem to zer kerb, Fuhrer Frank!!

  2. I was in work discussing how comedy we now see on tv is so woke, my work colleague mentioned Frank so I had a watch of some videos on Jew…sorry Youtube.

    Brilliant, something I have been crying out for a comedian sending up a controversial figure of history. Actually a comedic act that is funny, love it!

  3. Just discovered Frank via YouTube and what can I say. Dreadful awful frightful? And simply wonderful!

    Can I get one of his swore stickers?

  4. I don’t know who would be more offended, Sinatra, or Hitler. Probably both equally. This satirical parody pairing hits all the schitzophrenic Reich notes!

  5. I stumbled onto this yesterday on YouTube. And I was laughing my butt off. I’m German,and I find it hilarious. You are a good singer,funny as hell,full of historical quips. If you really got a sense of humor,you must find this guy funny! You really should get a bigger stage and a bigger audience.And yes,you can make jokes about Hitler!

  6. I went to see the Frank Sinatra tribute at Edinburgh fringe that Pete does and spoke to him after the show, he suggested if I like edgy I should try his adult show later and I duly did. Went back 3 times in one week, It’s the best comedy I’ve seen in years, I get the distasteful tag, but this is good old fashioned dark humour. What else would you expect !!!

  7. I discovered Frank on iFunny about 2 years ago and I’ve been patiently awaiting his American Invasion. Please Frank come to America especially Indianapolis or Fort Wayne.

  8. I grew up watching Mel Brooks movies, The Producers(1967) and To be or Not to be are two of my favourites ilms of all time
    As Mel himself said the best way to undermine evil is to laugh at it.
    In the easily offended world of today I find such bluntly offensive humour refreshing in its honesty.

  9. Hilarious! Mel Brooks and Springtime has had a child…and Frank Sanazi is incredible c-o-o-l and funny! Rock on Mein Fuhrer, rock on.

  10. I found Frank on You Tube and he had me laughing out loud. With the amount of people around saying “you can’t say that” it’s a refreshing change and reminds me of the humour we had around as a team in the 80s and 90s when people weren’t ‘offended’. Keep ze jokes coming mein Freund. Danke schon.

  11. I saw this on YouTube on Saturday night and I nearly died laughing – this is an absolute send up of Hitler and Nazi-ism, and should be seen as just that. It’s also hilarious! Would have said f^cking hilarious but then I’d get a swore sticker!

  12. At last someone who laughs in the face of the ZOG Machine.
    We must secure the existence of our funny people and a future for silly comedians

  13. After years of gutless comedy I find this man. Brave comedy, close to the edge and utterly brilliant! If you cant laugh at a truly comedic parody there is something wrong with you!

  14. A cheap gimmick. These jokes feed racist, xenophobic sentiment. I cringed at many of the jokes told. It makes me sad that comics resort to comedy that is founded upon genocide. I ask that these comics visit the sites of these genocidal acts, or listen to the stories of survivors. The tragedies of Nazi rule are not to be used for comedy, they should be commemorated in a proper and correct fashion.

    • An American corporal performed as Hitler with lanky hair and a comb for a moustache in the ruins of the Reich Chancellery in 1945. If it was good enough for him, it’s good enough for Frank Sanazi.

  15. The only people who should be offended are Nazi’s
    If this show was on in Berlin in 1942 Frank would have been arrested and shot.
    Fantastic, clever and very funny.

    • Hmm.
      Hi Lewis.
      I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Mel Brooks.

      No worry, you’ve obviously been too busy visiting all those sites of former genocidal acts to notice that people will make the best humour from the worst situation.
      It’s a healing thing.
      So heres a very clever guy making a very funny situation from a horrendous prospect…

      “Are not to be used for comedy”…?

  16. Hilarious,extremely entertaining,cannot believe it’s taken me until 2022 to discover this legendary man,thank you Frank !

  17. Hi, Whoever you really are, you are Fabulous and however you came up with this originality give yourself a pat on the back for doing so. CRACKER!
    I’m from Liverpool so we know a thing or three about Humour. Yeah youv’e got to have a sense of humour to live here : )

  18. As Winston Churchill would say if he saw Frank’s act:
    we shall laugh in the theatres,
    we shall laugh in the cabarets,
    we shall laugh on Youtube and in the town halls,
    we shall never stop laughing.

  19. Brilliant! How come I only discovered you in 2022 when you have been round for years?? I would love to book you for a friends birthday party, but while waiting I’ll follow the site. To those who dont like it? Get a life… ITS CALLED COMEDY

  20. Caught Frank & The Iraq Pack at Voodoo Rooms @ Edinburgh Fringe last night and was not disappointed. Brilliant cabaret. I don’t think I’ll see better whilst I’m here.

  21. Saw you last night at Guildford travelled 300 miles to see you. Could not believe there were still odd seats available..shame on you Guildford..never stopped laughing all Donald Eva and Sammy are the best you should be on TV…thank you for being kind enough for photos after..Steve and Helen…keeping an eye on the gig list for our next trip..

  22. What a fantastic show last night in Deal – I don’t know how you managed to improve on your last visit, but you did! Had a wonderful time and all the ‘pack’ were great.

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