Step into Frank Sanazi’s extraordinary realm, where he, ze Lounge Übermeister and Leader of The Iraq Pack, beckons you into his World of Extreme Cabaret. Experience Swing Classics morphed into a dark and captivating blend of comedy and Uneasy Listening.

A comedic Blitzkrieg zat playfully attacks your senses, Frank crafts a performance zat defies the norm and introduces an unconventional mix of swing, comedy, and cabaret.

Top Secret News:

Glastonbury vos a blast!

July 18, 2024 0

Glastonbury vos a blast! Vot a willkommen we received at Glastobury zis year. It vos ze first-time zat Deano has managed to infiltrate Somerset, and […]

Frank's Invasion List

Edinburgh Festival

Start date: August 2, 2024
End date: August 24, 2024

Neath Comedy Festival

Date: September 26, 2024
Somevun was keen to join mein party - Zat's how it starts !
Ven Saddami swings by for a number.

Vot can I say England, not so lucky in Berlin zis time !!

Franco 2 = Blighty 1
Caption zis 👉🏼