Ze rumours are true! Frank vill be back at ze Edinburgh Festival 2024

Holy Sauerkraut! Yes, ze rumours are true! Your leader and Prince of Dark Cabaret Comedy, Frank Sanazi, will once again march into battle and conquer ze Edinburgh Festival Fringe zis summer! But hold your lederhosen tight because zis time it will be even more insane!!

Zer will be more outrageous comedy, brand new uneasy-listening songs, and maybe even a hint of world domination plans (but shhh, that’s just between us, okay?).

Our leader of comedic chaos will be hiding out in a new venue, Shanghai, located at ze wonderful Le Monde Hotel on George Street, Edinburgh. Yes, you heard zat right, Frank Sanazi has conquered a new secret bunker and vill be launching his laughter offensive from there.

So grab your lederhosen, shine your boots, and be prepared to follow the craziest commander of humour at ze EdFringe Festival 2024!

Frank Sanazi’s Mein Way
2 – 24 August 2024, 8pm (1 hr), shows on Thurs, Fri and Sat only.

Venue: Shanghai (venue 47), Le Monde Hotel, 16 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PF
Tickets: £15 (cons. £12)
Box office: 0131 226 0000