The Iraq Pack to Invade Essex

Frank Sanazi and the Iraq Pack - Live from Das Vegas

You heard it right, Frank Sanazi will be infiltrating Essex this October as part of his grand masterplan.

Frank is banding together his infamous Iraq Pack team of comedy dictators for a One Night Only special at the Crampton Theatre, Chelmsford, where his all-singing Comedy War Machine will arrive in town for a one off comedy attack on Friday 12th October.

Frank Sanazi and the Irap Pack on stage

Frank together with Dean Stalin, Sadami Davis Jnr & Osama Bin Crosby – or the 4 singers of the Apocalypse as he likes to call them – they will croon extreme renditions throughout the night.  Fresh from the ‘Uneasy Listening’ section audiences will be delighted to hear ‘Strangers On My Flight’, ‘Third Reich’ and ‘I’m Stalin’ as well as ‘You’ve got me Under Berlin’.  Plus some new additions to their already brimming repertoire.

Frank Sanazi on stageFrank has also called upon his lovely daughter Nancy Sanazi to bring some glamour to proceedings reminding audiences that ‘Jack Boots are made for Walking’.  Her presence will no doubt rock the audience into a frenzy.

This is certainly not for the faint-hearted, so please leave all PC’s by the door – though policeman of course are welcome to come along!

Tickets on sale now

Tickets: £17.50
Concession: £15.00

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