FREAKs 2.0 – Berlin

Start date: 28th October 2020 - End date: 15th November 2020

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Admiralspalast Theatre, Berlin


Returning to Berlin for another year, FREAKs 2.0 is a slightly different comedy show by action circus Flic Flac,and is fast becoming ze highlight to the city’s Halloween diary.

Frank vill be performing alongside some of the craziest artists from around the world, all with exceptional talents never seen before and international stars of the comedy scene.  The show makes you both laugh and be amazed and want to look away. It is politically incorrect and at the same time wonderfully entertaining, full of violence and yet against it.

“Freak out or freak off” will be the motto in Berlin – definitely not a show for ze faint hearted.